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  Accredited by Association Montessori InternationaleGraduate program affiliated with Loyola University Maryland

Diploma Requirements:
Elementary Course

Requirements for the AMI Diploma

The Advanced Diploma of the Association Montessori Internationale is granted upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements in attendance at lectures, supervised practice sessions, observation and practice teaching; submission of classroom materials and albums; passing marks on written theory and practical examinations, classroom materials and albums, practice teaching, and oral examinations conducted by Examiners of the Association Montessori Internationale.

Students not fulfilling any part of the course are given one year to make up the work. Students who are deferred on any part of the examination (written or oral) must retake that part of the examination the following year. The examination may only be taken twice.


Each student's work and progress in the course are regularly reviewed by the Director of Training. Individual conferences are held with the students to discuss their likelihood of success in the course and in their future Montessori work. More conferences are held as necessary and/or as requested.

Elementary Training CourseAcademic Integrity

Students are expected to read, sign, and adhere to a policy on academic integrity (i.e., honor code), which essentially requires that all work performed or submitted is personally done by the student to others. Plagiarism is grounds for dismissal from the course.


The student may withdraw from the course by submitting a written letter of withdrawal. Withdrawal from the course is not official until the request has been received by the Director of Training. Refunds are processed according to the refund policy as outlined in the Student Handbook.


Students may be asked to discontinue their course for medical, psychological, academic, or other cogent reasons. Students are expected to abide by the conditions laid down for taking the course and any arrangements made for their training during it.


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