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Words from Graduates

Elementary (6–12) Graduates

Here are a few words from J McKeever’s graduates and colleagues.

“J is genuine, joyful and wise. She gives you faith in humanity and in return you begin believing in yourself. Her down-to-earth approach eases the intensity of Montessori training and gives you hope in the potential of future generations. I am left with the feeling of wishing she had been my elementary teacher, but know I am blessed to have been her adult student.”
—Ryan Branstetter, Kentucky

Frog dissection
One of Charmaine Lindstrom's students
dissects a frog
“Going through AMI training was intense, emotionally and mentally challenging, life altering; yet the most humbling and satisfying experience I am so grateful to have gone through. The Montessori philosophy impacted so many aspects of my life. J is an amazing trainer with such a wealth of knowledge and insight. It is an honor to have had her as my trainer. Her love and passion for teaching encouraged me to do and learn more than I ever envisioned I could. She is a true inspiration and a wonderful mentor! With a proud and thankful heart, I will always think fondly of J and three summers that profoundly changed my life!”
—Charmaine Lindstrom, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher, Georgia

“I came from New Zealand for my AMI training and J made every effort to make me feel at home. She is very supportive, caring, and genuinely interested in each student as an individual. I found her presentations energetic and dramatic.” 
—Sharon Udy, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher, New Zealand

“My experience in the Montessori elementary training with J McKeever was both intense and inspiring. I still remember the first day, so nervous and curious about what was going to happen over the next 3 years. And also the day I passed my exams, so proud and excited about what might come next. The time in between those days was filled with lots of (hard) work and emotion. Elementary Montessori training was life changing and one of the best decisions I ever made.”
—Jodi Dunn, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher, Georgia

The largest polygon
Jodi Dunn's class in the "enclosed space" of the largest polygon the children could construct

I had the privilege of being instructed by J McKeever. On top of being a wonderful person, she truly cares about her students and the Montessori Method. It is very obvious that she has a true passion towards Montessori and has the best advice to offer when it comes to helping students. I also love her added humor which makes long days enjoyable!  Everyone will be truly blessed to have her as their Trainer.”
— Amy Hayward, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher, Texas

J is always willing to make time for her trainees, and has an optimistic approach to teaching  J is also a very talented and creative person and puts her heart into everything she does. However, J is more than a professor, she is a mentor, and a person that anyone would be lucky enough to have in their corner.”
—Jan Golembiewski, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher, Maryland

“I found J McKeever to be a woman of strong character, who is always patient and cheerful and able to communicate well. In my opinion, her knowledge and years of experience makes J an excellent choice as a trainer. She will be a wonderful influence in the lives of those she interacts with.”
—Venus Kohler, AMI Elementary Montessori Teacher, Washington

“J is an excellent Montessori trainer! She embraces Montessori philosophy to her core and teaches it passionately yet succinctly. Because she has had so many years of teaching experience, J shares wonderful examples of keeping Montessori alive in the classroom (as well as pitfalls to avoid). J gives ‘heart’ to her training in spite of its intensity!” 
​—Mary Z., Wisconsin

“J McKeever is truly a one-of-a-kind trainer. She is amazing at what she does and possesses true Montessori qualities. She is so loving and tries to help in any way she can. The course is a lot of hard work but J knows how to make it manageable and fun. She is timely and organized which helps us stay organized. Being trained by J is a treat and I hope you have the wonderful opportunity to receive Montessori training from such a kind, intelligent, loving person.”
—Kelsey K., Wisconsin

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